About Us

Dracut is our town, and we love art. We believe it is important: inspiring, fulfilling, enlivening, potent.
Boston, Lowell and Nashua, and many richer areas have plenty and varied arts events, installations and museums. We believe Dracut is just as worthy of such.
Four times a year, we hold an Arts Saturday: a visual artist gallery, an author reading and discussion, and a performance. Many different types of art (we hope all) can fit into these three categories. Visual art can be anything from painting to photography to quilting to ceramics. Authors' books can be novels, poetry, comics, children's books or memoirs. Performances can be music, dance or theater.
Some artists' work brings forth important issues which we explore further through Neighborhood Talks. Examples include food scarcity, breast cancer, domestic abuse, bike safety and cultural appropriation.
All our author readings and discussions, artist interviews, and Neighborhood Talks have ASL interpreters. All visual artist galleries and performances have closed captioning.
All of our artists are from or reside in New England. We believe our area has a lot to offer.
To apply as an artist, please contact us.

Contact Us

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