Peter Clenott

Author Peter Clenott was born in Portland, Maine and graduated from Bowdoin College. He has been writing for a half-century. After his last college exam in May 1973, he went out into the student lounge with a notebook, several sharpened pencils an eraser and began to write. In 2009 HUNTING THE KING was published by a Canadian firm. Subsequently, DEVOLUTION and THE HUNTED were published. THE UNWANTED came out in 2021 and its sequel THE UNFOUND is being published in July 2024. LIGEIA is also being published by Level Best Books in July 2025.  Peter has three kids and currently live in Haverhill with his son Stephen. He works at Community Teamwork Inc. in Lowell. Right now, Peter is working on a rewrite of a global warming novel called BROIL.

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