John Robert Cole

John Robert Cole, a native of Buffalo, New York, retired from the United States Coast Guard in 2020 after 35-years and now calls Dracut home. He is a full-time artist and family history expert who uses his talents to bring joy and healing to the lives of others. He is best known for his dot-painted animal portraits, a unique style influenced by the Impressionist work of George Seurat and others of the period. When not painting or researching, he is writing. John has appeared in the best-selling Amazon smash “Behind the Power: You’re Not Crazy, You Are Powerful” by Allyson Roberts and its 2023 sequel. He is currently working on a solo self-help book scheduled for release in Spring 2024 and will be appearing on the TEDx stage in Lake Charles, Georgia, in May.

He holds an AAS, BS, and MS in Information Technology and a BA in Graphic Design from Southern New Hampshire University. 

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