The Flower Pistils

The Flower Pistils keep it real. Lyrical craftsmanship and lush harmonies abound. Hard emotions are tempered with humor. Their songs tell the story of a world fraught with imbalance, yearning for connection. Their single, Children of The Endtimes was a winning finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition in 2020.

The duo, Micah Huang and Emma Gies, take their craft seriously. Both have masters degrees in music and have travelled the world learning from global masters.

The Flower Pistils are proud to be among a growing community of vibrant Asian-American creators. In response to the horrific violence towards Asian-Americans during the covid era, they created music for the #23 podcast in the history genre, Blood on Gold Mountain, which powerfully reclaims Asian-American history.

You can watch their interview on Dracut Access TV here.

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