Nancy Lessard Downing

Visual Artist Nancy Lessard Downing initially went to college to become a commercial artist/cartoonist via Mass College of Art as well as the New England School of Art & Design but realized there are so many more mediums that she loved to work with. She has since worked full-time in the business world.  Now experiencing the empty nest has given her a new spark in pursuing more of her creative side.

Her parents were the first contributors by feeding her love for arts & crafts by encouraging her to try different things. Her father loved working with his hands and fed her interest with wood and the musical world whereas her mother provided her with her love of the arts encouraging Nancy to draw, crafts, knit and so much more. Nancy’s kids taught her to try even more with their school or community projects, painting murals, etc...

People always find Nancy craving and trying to learn new crafts, artistic techniques and adventures whether on paper, in film or working with wood, yarn or whatever she may come across as something new to try and expand upon.  Her recent adventure has been children’s books where she written and illustrated 11 since July 2021.

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