Jacqueline Dembar Greene

Jacqueline Dembar Greene is the author of more than 40 books for young readers, including picture books, historical novels, mysteries, non-fiction, and American Girls’ “Rebecca” series. With a passion for history, she almost always builds her stories around a pivotal moment from the past, with rich period detail. Often, her books bring to life a neglected period in Jewish history. She always strives to create an engaging story where readers feel as if they have stepped into a different era and experienced life at that time.

Many of Greene’s books have won national awards. Her most popular titles include the historical novels, Out of Many Waters and One Foot Ashore, companion novels set in 1654; the Rebecca Rubin series, set in 1914; The Leveller, which takes place in Westborough, Massachusetts in 1789; and her newest historical novel, Walk Till You Disappear, set in Arizona Territory in 1872.

Ms. Greene is a frequent speaker at schools, book fairs, and conferences, and has taught numerous writing workshops for adults. In addition to her writing, she enjoys photography, gardening, hiking, and traveling to destinations off the beaten path.

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