Galina Szakacs

My story began as a child in Moldova when it was part of the former Soviet Union. My memory kaleidoscope shows streets of a small town, music and art, sunny vineyards, and hugging waves of Black Sea in neighboring Ukraine.  Family, friends, and teaching biochemistry - everything was clear, explained and known.

My story evolved as an adult when I immigrated to the United States in 1993, settling with other members of my family (and 3 poodles!) here in New England. When I crossed the border of the United States I experienced a profound cultural, social and view on history shift.  I needed to adapt to a different understanding of others and to build social and working relationships.  I hoped that with improved English many questions will disappear, but in reality every new life encounter in different culture: career move, raising child, building friendship, birth and death… - all brought in new learning.

My adaptation to this new culture was both trying and liberating.  The shift in worldview revealed a gap that I needed to articulate and fill in.  Music, nature, art, creating new forms (work with wire jewelry and now my work with polymer clay) helped me to find my “new center”.  To my amazement, art provided a new connection to unanswered questions and the new language to express my feelings and thoughts!

I have never been an artist and never saw a fraction of it in me.  I am blessed with friends who saw it in me and encouraged me to try!

I love nature; each of thousands leaves in a fall looks to me as unique one. I often imagine relationships and connections within the nature.  It reminds me of people and specific situations.  I am fascinated with peoples’ stories, music and art.  I feel connected and recognize the essence of others’ experience.  It churns my emotions and I bring my vision of “the story” through the art of polymer clay forms, texture and colors.  I feel that I can help people to reflect on their experience (Their Story) and have a new way of seeing and understanding.

To me there are feelings of joy in creation process and gratification in helping people connecting to themselves and others. At the end of the conversation with people and clay we all feel more alive and connected.  Very often there is a new space for another story to emerge…

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