Victoria Voner

For Painter Victoria Voner, the feeling of being encompassed by a wooded forest or a calming ocean affects her emotional well being in a way nothing else does. Creating work that presents how she experiences nature emotionally, with vivid colors, bold brush strokes, and intentional design, gives the viewer a new appreciation of our world in global crisis.

Recently, the goal with her art has been to bring the viewer into a different world. Experimenting with texture, palette knife work, layering, saturated colors, and mixed media are tools she uses to achieve this goal. While she is working on a painting, she lets the work speak to her though the process, and lets her inner voice intertwine with the piece in front of her.

For the last few years she has painted whenever and wherever she can, maintaining a wall space at the Brush Gallery and Studios in Lowell, MA and pursuing as many plein air adventures into the great outdoors as possible, which inspires her to find new ways to visualize nature in a contemporary way. Currently she works as a graphic designer with engineers and physicists at a laboratory by day, and lets her creativity flow on canvas by night. By showcasing her art in area shows and galleries, including at the Whistler Museum and Dracut Arts, she is finding her place in the art world and seeing where it will take her next...

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