The Lotus Sound

"The lotus flower is a natural symbol of a beautiful creature that grows strong and pure even though it grows in mud. I wanted to give this idea a sound, and here we are!"   - Paola Munda (founder and director of The Lotus Sound)

The Lotus Sound is an experimental circle singing group based in Boston. Inspired by the African roots of the practice and the wonderful music of Bobby McFerrin, they strive to spread a message of unity and joy through a unique kind of performance. Because its members are from all over the world, each of their performances become uniquely new by improvising on a great variety of genres and languages, and by mixing cultures, life experiences and musical backgrounds to create one incredibly inclusive performance.

Starting only in 2017 like a performance project directed by Paola Munda, in 2019 The Lotus Sound has already been selected to participate in one of the largest a cappella festivals in the world, the Moscow Spring A Cappella, where they had their overseas debut.

The Lotus Sound is currently working on recording their first EP, which will be released to the public in January 2020, followed by a tour. Masterclasses and workshops in the greater Boston area, regarding circle singing are also being planned and perfected to accompany this new project. In addition, since the inspiration to form the group came from the idea of using the incredible healing power of circle singing in the community, The Lotus Sound is always looking for music therapy projects and facilities to join and continue to evolve.

The Lotus Sound was born from a group of friends that got together to give life to Paola’s vision. A vision that wanted to explore the real reason of why people do music and why music brings people together. Step by step, one college recital became a concert overseas turning the choir in Paola’s mind to the sound she was aiming for.

You can watch their interview on Dracut Access TV here.

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