Cindy Loranger

Cindy Loranger is known for always thinking outside of the box, creator of new ideas, motivator, inspirer and is full of passion about what she believes in.

As an abstract artist, Cindy has evolved from realism to abstract expressionism, primarily inspired by music - mostly jazz and street music. The infusion of two contradictory styles inspired by music cultivated her JazzArt and UrbanArt series, which are vibrant pieces of jazz scenes, musicians, and music abstractions. 

Cindy’s work radiates positive energy with visually appealing brilliant color and emotion that attract all age groups. She is often told that her work is “different, vibrant, exploding with color”, “have never seen before” and that they can actually “feel the vibe” from the paintings. Cindy paints in her home study and always with music playing.

Cindy’s work career over the past 25 years is healthcare technology. Over the past couple of years, Cindy has been transitioning from corporate America to more of a focus on art and art shows. Her goal is to evolve to art full time and dabble in technology.

Cindy’s education is in psychology, human biology, with the first year in fine arts. She has a graduate certificate in healthcare policy and has multiple fitness certifications. Her experience and education in health, fitness, and nutrition spans across years of helping adults and teens get fit and eat healthy. Cindy has been a 30-year volunteer at the YMCA as a fitness instructor and more recently working for neglected and abused children as a CASA/Guardian ad Lidem. Cindy’s art has been donated for charitable events in healthcare and community services organizations. She donates a painting a month with all proceeds going to CASA NH.

Cindy has conducted adult and youth art workshops to help individuals unleash their creative spirits, releasing their minds to a mindfulness painting experience and spontaneity of creativity.

Her work has been displayed at multiple venues and galleries in NH and NC. Today she is in Gallery 42 in Amherst and 2 Broad Street Gallery in Nashua. Her work is mostly mixed-media abstract.

“Art is unknowingness of the outcome, and inspiration is the result. “

You can watch her interview on Dracut Access TV here.

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