Judy Krassowski

Judy Krassowski is a teaching artist and STEAM facilitator at Trinity High
School in Manchester, NH.  As an artist, she can frequently be found along the NH and MA seacoast, photographing and painting marine and community life. As an emerging technologies engineer, Judy explores robotics, prosthetics and assistive technology with the goal of increasing quality of life for anyone who wants it. As a person with a gift for empathy, she provides art therapy consultations for graduate students in the Greater Boston area as they begin to launch out on their own.

A member of the National Art Education Assoc. Class of 2018 School for Art Leaders, Judy feels that her best work/life balance is not in leading administratively, but rather in returning to her roots as a working artist, where playing every day makes more headway.

Recent projects, including “The Road Not Taken: Artistic Interpretations of the Poetry of Robert Frost” ( ), a fine art collaborative exhibit traveling throughout all of the public libraries of NH, can be seen on her website.  Judy lives in Hooksett, NH and can be reached through Ocean Boulevard Studios, , 603.315.9440,

You can watch her interview on Dracut Access TV here.

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