“New regular studio shows include “Dracut Arts”, a half-hour program spotlighting local artists, musicians, authors, etc. To say that Producers Diane and Tom McGary have been ambitious and prolific is an understatement! To date, they have produced over 20 episodes of their show since starting last November,” 

Operations Manager Ron Zimmerman reported at the Dracut Access TV Annual Membership Meeting October 17, 2019

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Aleksandre Roderick-Lorenz

Maureen Stanton

Tom Briere

The Lotus Sound

Sara Schechner

Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper

Dan Szczesny


Bruce Robert Coffin

Cindy Loranger

Peter daSilva

Corinne Dodge

Cheryl Suchors

Trisha Craig

Boston Arts Consort

Author Jerry Thornton

Artist Inge Seaboyer

Artist Judy Krassowski

Musicians The Flower Pistils

Author Dale T Philips

Visual Artist Donna Berger

Astrophotographer Ed Ting

Clasical Guitarist John Muratore

Author Julie Wu